5 Reasons to Switch to an Energy Efficient HVAC System

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Save money and utilize a variety of other advantages by choosing an energy efficient HVAC system! It is possible to lower your electric bill 20-30%! Energy efficiency is an important topic. We hear a lot about this subject in the media. So, what is energy efficiency, and why is it so important? Energy efficiency should …

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Methods to Make Your Commercial HVAC System More Efficient

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At Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning and Heating, we can help you improve your commercial HVAC system’s energy efficiency and save money. As much as 30% of the energy a commercial building consumes is wasted, which is a significant amount of a business’s budget. Ways to Lower Energy Costs If you are a business owner or …

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Ways to Make Your Garage Doors Energy Efficient

How to Lower Energy Costs

Making your garage doors more energy efficient can lower your energy costs and help the planet too! The cost of everyday goods continues to rise. In one of our previous articles, we discussed smart ways to save energy and, in return, lower air conditioning costs. However, there are other ways to conserve energy in preparation …

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