Should I Leave My Air Conditioner on All Night?

The goal of most homeowners is to keep their energy bills down while staying cool and comfortable during the hottest summer days and nights.

When the weather is hot and humid, your air conditioner comes to the rescue and processes the outdoor air by cooling it down, getting rid of excess moisture, and making your indoor environment comfortable again. AC units are used all across America and are regarded as a needed feature, as the climate can go to extremes in many parts of the country.

Nowadays, there are plenty of modern AC units to choose from, and the extra features they pack are impressive, starting with the ability to use a smart thermostat and going through purifying functions or self-programming according to the weather predictions.

Whether you are using an old AC unit or you just bought a new model, you probably will be interested in keeping your energy bills down while still making sure that you will feel comfortable at home even in the hottest days. 

A common “money-saving” tip that many people hear is to leave your AC running 24/7. Many people think this reduces the energy costs by keeping a steady flow and not allowing your home to get hot again. Is it a myth or a fact?

Should You Leave Your AC Unit on All Night?

The answer is: it depends. Essentially, it depends on the temperatures outside during the night. If the outdoor air gets cool enough for you to feel comfortable without the AC, then obviously there is no reason to turn it on. 

However, if the outdoor air is too humid, your air conditioner can act as a dehumidifier. It is important to note that much of your comfort level will rely on the relative moisture in the indoor air. If the air outside is indeed too humid, then you might want to turn your AC on at night as well. Many air conditioning units today also have a dehumidifying function.

In most cases, you don’t really need your air conditioning unit to run the whole night, and it won’t necessarily make your energy bills lower. So what can you do to prevent your bills to skyrocket, while still feeling comfortable at night this summer? 

Here are a few easy tips:

  • Only using the fan function of your AC unit
  • Installing ceiling fans in your bedroom
  • Adjusting the cooling level and raising it up at night

Speak With a St. Louis HVAC Specialist

You need to consider other solutions too before deciding whether leaving your AC unit on for long periods of time is a good idea. 

If you are interested in saving on energy costs because of unusually high energy bills, also have your AC unit checked for potential malfunctions. A faulty AC unit can make you try anything in order to keep the indoor air cool without spending a fortune on electricity. Hiring an HVAC expert to do an inspection is worth it. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or discuss your cooling needs.

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  1. It’s generally not necessary to leave your air conditioner on all night. Setting a timer or using a programmable thermostat to cool your space before bedtime and then adjusting it for comfort can save energy while ensuring a restful sleep.


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