What temperature should you set your Air Conditioning to in Summer?


The ideal temperature setting for air conditioning in the summer largely depends on personal preferences and the desired balance between comfort and energy efficiency. However, some general recommendations can be followed: Ultimately, the right temperature setting for your air conditioner in the summer in St. Louis, Missouri, will depend on your personal preferences, how well …

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Don’t Sweat It: Resolving Common AC Problems During the Summer Months

AC Repair St. Louis

Insufficient cooling, AC not turning on, uneven cooling or hot spots, or strange noises? If your AC system is acting up this summer, call Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating. As the summer heat sets in, ensuring your air conditioning system is in top-notch condition becomes essential for a cool and comfortable home environment. However, …

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Dealing with Commercial AC System Issues: A Practical Guide

Commercial HVAC Repair

Regular AC maintenance can help mitigate these issues before they become serious problems. A commercial air conditioning unit proves its worth in the summer by keeping your facility cool and your employees, customers, or tenants happy. Regular maintenance is necessary for your commercial air conditioning unit to avoid breakdowns. If you’re experiencing issues with your …

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Aesthetics and Functionality: Landscaping Around Your AC Unit

How to Landscape around AC Unit

Below are valuable tips and insights on designing and maintaining a landscape that harmonizes with your AC unit. When creating a beautiful outdoor space, it’s essential to consider the placement and aesthetics of your air conditioning unit. Properly landscaping around your AC unit enhances your property’s visual appeal and ensures optimal performance and longevity of …

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Four Ways to Prepare Your Air Conditioner to Withstand a Summer Storm

AC Maintenance Company

Take steps before a storm to keep your air conditioning running even when things outside get crazy. Summer heat will soon be rushing into the St. Louis metro area. And with the heat of summer come summer storms. With storm season about to hit Missouri, it is a good idea to consider summer storms during …

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