How Powerful Winds Affect Your HVAC System and What to Do About It

As wind blows, it disperses dirt that has gathered inside the HVAC unit which in turn blows around the inside of your home.

Missouri is no stranger to powerful storms which can produce strong winds which in turn can lead to property damage. We know the affects wind can have on the roof and siding of a home, unfortunately, powerful winds can affect your HVAC system as well.

At first you may picture physical damage, such as your AC unit being blown away. But powerful winds can have other types of damaging effects. As we move into tornado season, which occurs between mid-March through late June, it is good to be aware of potential threats so that you can ensure it’s better protected.

Physical Damage

Physical damage is the obvious threat to your HVAC system. As high-speed winds blow on a unit, parts can become loose, damaged, or dirty. Flying debris caused by strong winds can also damage different parts of your HVAC system. If, after a storm, you notice your unit making strange noises or it stops working correctly, chances are it was damaged and needs repairing.

Affected Indoor Air Quality

As wind blows, it disperses dirt that has gathered inside the HVAC unit which in turn blows around the inside of your home. This can have negative affects on your health as the air circulates and is inhaled. This poor air quality can set off allergic reactions which can lead to asthma attacks or other respiratory issues.

To avoid these problems, it is a good idea to have proper maintenance and HVAC vent cleaning performed on your system.

Dust Can Accumulate

If you notice a musty odor coming our of your AC unit, it may be an indicator that the evaporation coils have a build-up of dust that may be causing blockages. This can create a fertile environment for mold to grow and flourish. Like the dust that enters your home, mold is bad for a person’s health. In order to fix the problem, the AC needs to be unblocked and then cleaned correctly.

St. Louis HVAC

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