5 Reasons to Get Regular Duct Cleanings

If you want to ensure that there is no mold, rodents, dust, or debris in your ducts, speak with an experienced St. Louis HVAC company today.

Many consumers have heard of duct cleanings, but are  unsure if they are necessary or not. The truth is, regular cleanings will keep you safe from health dangers, increase efficiency, and help you save a bit of money too.


Have you ever left a piece of food out too long and found that it has something living on it? You probably know that substance as mold, but you may not know that a similar organism can take over your ducts. Not only is that simply gross to think about, but it could be blowing out of your vents and into your home, causing health problems and sanitary issues. Additionally, some people report that mold comprises the structure of their ducts and the problem sometimes gets out of hand.


Perhaps even more alarming than mold is another living organism that you’re likely much more familiar with: Rodents. These pests seem to find their way into every nook and cranny of homes around St. Louis, and your ducts are no different. Having them in there isn’t much of a problem on its own, but they sometimes die when walking around your HVAC system. The result is a poor smell and possible health problems.

Dust and Debris

The most common issue that people deal with when it comes to dirty ducts is dust and debris. While this issue is not as troublesome as rodents or mold, it can have an even more severe effect on your household. The reason is allergies. If anyone in your home suffers from a sensitivity to dust, having it blown out of your HVAC system and into your home will be incredibly uncomfortable for them. The same goes for larger debris.


Aside from all of the health problems associated with these duct issues, they are also a physical barrier that air needs to get around. This means your system will need to work harder to get you the same amount of cold or warm air that you would if your ducts were clear.

The Benefits That Come From Clean Ducts

The following are the three primary benefits of clean ducts.

Health – Mold and dust both flare up allergies and have a small chance of making you sick. Clean ducts eliminate that risk.

Functionality – Your home will heat and cool faster when there are no obstructions in your ducts blocking air.

Cost Savings – Having no obstructions also leads to cost savings. The reason is that your system does less work for more results, giving you a better bang for your buck.

Now that you know the benefits of regular duct cleanings, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you’d like to purchase them. Ultimately, your choice is between cost savings and optimization. If you want to ensure that there is no mold, rodents, dust, or debris in your ducts, speak with an experienced St. Louis HVAC company today. Call Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (314) 471-7625.

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