Unpleasant Smell Coming from Your AC – How to Find the Source

If you are hoping that the bad smell will just go away on its own, the chances of that are not good.

When you turn your heat on in the winter, you probably noticed a smell that came through your air ducts. It isn’t always that unusual for it to do the same when you turn on your AC system. But if you have consistent and ongoing stinky air coming through your system, then that can signal a problem and one that needs to be addressed – not just for the health of your air-conditioning unit, but for your family as well.

If you are noticing that the air coming through the vents is a bit musty or generally “stinky,” many things can be causing the smell. Here are some possible reasons.

You Need to Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Over time, dust and debris can build up in your vents and cause mold growth. If it has been a while since you have had your ductwork cleaned, then it is important that you do so. It isn’t just a matter of smell.

The types of things that can get into your ductwork will not only irritate those with allergies, they can cause unhealthy conditions due to mold spores and other toxins that are continually circulated through your house.

The best part is that if you have your ductwork professionally cleaned, then you will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and expand its longevity over the long term.

Check that an Animal Hasn’t Gotten Trapped

It is possible for rodents to make their way into your home through many cracks and crevices. One of those possible entries is through the ductwork. If an animal has gotten caught in your ductwork, then it will begin to decay and smell awful. It’s not just about animal pests, either – even insects can make nests and die in the vent system. If you can’t locate the source of the smell, then it is a good idea to have an HVAC professional to take a look.

There Might Be Clogs or Leaks in the System

If the ductwork has a crack or clog in it, then air isn’t going straight from the air conditioner to your home – it is actually leaking elsewhere. If you notice a musty smell, you might have a crack in the ductwork that is not only leaking cold air, but it might be pulling from other smelly parts of your basement where the ductwork runs. It is a really good idea to have an HVAC professional take a look to make sure that things are running where you want them to.

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If you have an unpleasant smell coming into your home from your air-conditioning unit, don’t discount it. If you are hoping that it will just go away on its own, the chances of that are not good. To make sure that you eliminate the smell and get back to breathing fresh air, call an HVAC professional to get things back on track and to get your home smelling good again.

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