6 Tips on How to Find the Right HVAC Company

With over 30 years of experience, and with a master technician and mechanical engineer as our owner, we can replace, repair, and provide maintenance for your home’s HVAC system.

Since the average homeowner isn’t professionally trained in HVAC, when they have a problem, concern, or just want regular maintenance performed, they are at the mercy of the technician they call to service their HVAC system. Make sure that you find the best HVAC technician for your home by following these six tips:

1. Do your research

If you want to find the best HVAC professional for your home, don’t just pick up the computer and search the Internet. Before you hire someone to service or repair your system, make sure that you take the time to research them beyond their website. You want the person who cares the most, not the one who spends the most on advertising.

2. Check references

It might take a bit more time, but calling references is an important part of getting the best service. If you are going to hire a professional for something like installation or a new build, make sure to take the time to call the references of an HVAC professional before you hire them. You want to know how they work and if they are successful or not.

3. Look for special offers

Sometimes manufacturers will work with a specific HVAC company. If a manufacturer is offering a special, then check with them to find out who they work with. That way, you know that the person doing the installation is trained. If you hire someone who isn’t licensed to work with a specific brand, then you run the risk of having the warranty voided and not getting the special promotion wanted in the first place.

4. Get it in writing

If you are going to hire an HVAC professional, make sure that you get an estimate in writing. It would be nice if word of mouth were good enough, but unless you get an estimate in writing, then it won’t hold up in court if something should go wrong. If someone gives you an estimate, make sure that it is all written down before you give them permission to begin working.

5. Know the Energy Star rating

Before you decide which HVAC technician to hire and what type of system to order, make sure that you know the Energy Star rating of what you are about to purchase. The Energy Star rating estimates how much your monthly energy costs will be in addition to the carbon footprint that you are making. Choose your HVAC system wisely and make sure that you don’t end up paying way more in the long run.

6. Don’t get an estimate by phone

Before any professional knows which is the right HVAC system for you, they should physically evaluate your home. Be wary of any technician who will give you an estimate over the phone. An HVAC system should accommodate your home’s specific needs. If someone doesn’t come out to see what they are, then there is no way that they can choose the best system or be able to give you a realistic estimate.

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