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If you’re looking for a new heat pump, repair, or maintenance service, Thomas Hoffman Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you.

Heat pumps can be a great addition to your home, as they use electricity to both heat your home in the winter and cool it down during the summer. This makes them a very energy-efficient option when compared to other HVAC systems.

If you need to decide whether a heat pump is the right choice for your home, don’t worry! Just call us at Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and help you choose the perfect system to meet your needs.

Heat Pump Installation St. Louis
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Ann Rafferty
Ann Rafferty
Very friendly and professional, they do a great job!
Sharon Shannon
Sharon Shannon
I am delighted with the service I received from the maintenance specialists while replacing the Thermocouple on my water heater. The work was done without issues and completed in less than 30 minutes. I will always recommend this company to anyone needing heating and cooling services. I would also like to mention how this company takes full accountability and responsibility if any repairs are not up to par. Not that I have had that experience. I read the reviews posted on BBB and was very impressed with how Thomas Hoffman and his team explained each situation and the subsequent resolution to the customer's satisfaction.
Clark Vera
Clark Vera
They installed 2 large centralized air systems and did a spectacular job. The installation was professional, they had great respect for both the property and our family as they completed the work in several days. Cleaning was completed as if they had never been here.
Breland David
Breland David
I had my gas ducted heating serviced by them did a fantastic job ! They were quick, friendly and provided great advice. honored the special offer price I received by email, even though the promotion had ended. That's great customer service and I will definitely book my next service with them again. Highly recommend !!

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is part of a central heating and cooling system that uses outside air to heat and cool a home. This basically means that a heat pump will act as a heater when it’s cold outside and as an air conditioner when it gets hot.

Heat pumps ‘pump’ or move heat from one place to another by using a compressor and a circulating structure of gas or liquid refrigerant. Through this, heat is removed from outside sources and pumped indoors. Pumping the heat uses electricity, but much less than converting it into heat. During the summer months, the cycle is reversed, and the unit acts like an air conditioner.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

There are many options when it comes to heating your home. Understanding how to choose the right system can seem overwhelming. However, Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating can provide you with what you need to know about heat pumps to make the right choice.

One of the biggest benefits is that heat pumps provide heating and cooling. Some of the other advantages of a heat pump include the following:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Safer
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Reliable
  • Longer life-span

Heat Pump Solutions

St. Louis can sometimes experience extreme temperatures. However, there are days when you might not need to rely on your AC or heating system to keep your home comfortable. On these days, heat pumps have the ability to warm up or cool down your home while reducing your energy usage.

With over 30 years in the industry, Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating has heat pump solutions. We provide:

  • Effective heat pump repair solutions
  • Professional heat pump installation
  • Routine heat pump maintenance

Trane Heat Pumps

Trane heat pumps are a smart, efficient, and versatile way to heat and cool your home. They function as an air conditioner when things get hot and a heater when it’s cold. In addition to their flexibility, many of these heat pumps are energy-efficient. That means you can enjoy a comfortable home and save energy, too.

XV20i Variable Speed Heat Pump

  • Most energy efficient
  • Up to 20 SEER
  • Energy savings 60%
  • TruComfort™ variable speed system includes 750 stages of comfort
  • Runs at a lower speed for more extended periods of time to provide the lowest cost per minute
  • Quiet running fan measured at 4 dB below competitor’s minimum

XV19 Variable Speed Heat Pump

  • Quietest
  • Energy savings 54%
  • SEER rating up to 19.5
  • Ultra-quiet performance with sound levels of 43 to 57 dBA
  • TruComfort™ variable speed system provides 500-700 comfort stages for maximum efficiency

XR15 Heat Pump

  • Best Value
  • The SEER rating of up to 16
  • High-efficiency Heating Seasonal Performance Factor of up to 9.50
  • Fully compatible with Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner advanced whole-home air cleaner

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

In addition to having a new energy-efficient system installed, regular maintenance of your current heat pump is vital to the system’s performance. At Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer repair and maintenance work on many types of heat pump systems. After more than 30 years in the residential heat pump industry, we have hands-on experience working with the most popular manufacturers like Trane, Lennox, American Standard, Carrier, York, Amana, Goodman, and more.

St. Louis Heat Pumps

Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating is one of the few heating and air conditioning companies in St. Louis that has a master technician and mechanical engineer as an owner. This fact, combined with our more than 30 years of experience, gives us an advantage over our competition. If you need a new heat pump system, trust us to determine which one will best fit your needs.

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