Here’s How Air Ducts Can Impact Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

The maintenance of your air conditioning unit is paramount for the appliance to work efficiently, but many homeowners only focus on the indoor and outdoor units and tend to neglect their ductwork. Air ducts are a very important part of your HVAC system. Here is what to look for when checking for certain symptoms of a malfunctioning air conditioner. 

Air Duct Insulation Is Crucial for Your AC’s Efficiency

The air that is processed by your air conditioner travels through the duct system before getting into your house again. No matter how efficient your AC is, if the ducts are not properly insulated, the air will get heated on the way. This will make your AC work harder and lead to higher energy bills or even faults in your AC units.

As most houses have the duct system in their attic, it’s important not only to insulate the attic and check for any leaks from the roof or windows but also to have proper insulation over your duct pipes. This job can be done by hiring a professional team to inspect the duct pipes and repair any damage to the insulation of the pipes.

Why the State of Your Air Duct System Directly Impacts the Quality of Your Indoor Air

Other problems that may arise from a poorly maintained duct system are contamination with toxic substances or with organic debris. The problems that can appear range from mold, bacteria, fungi, and dust to toxic substances or even fecal particles that can come from your duct system into your indoor air.

Checking for clogs, leaks or moisture in your duct system is very important for your health as well as the efficiency of your AC unit. Signs of contamination can be black mold found around the vents, strange smells when the air conditioner is turned on, etc. Again, you need to call a professional team for a check-up.

Maintaining Your Air Ducts

If your HVAC system can be maintained at home when it comes to the air filters, the condenser unit or clogged drain pipes, the duct system needs a bit more attention. Damage can be hard to identify and locate, and ducts are usually out of sight and out of reach, requiring the use of special equipment for evaluating, cleaning or repairing. 

HVAC professionals have industrial, specialized vacuum cleaners, unique tools and the expertise needed to properly maintain such a huge part of your heating/cooling system. Regular maintenance will not only prolong your AC unit’s lifespan, but it will actually save you money by preventing many potential repairs that could get expensive. 

Call for a professional evaluation at least once a year or any time you notice a decrease in your air con’s efficiency and other unusual symptoms.

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