Is Your HVAC System Ready for Summer?

There are some important HVAC maintenance tasks to perform before summer comes.

As the temperature is rising, you can already paint the picture of the summer that’s about to come, with its scorching heat. Your HVAC unit will surely be working hard to keep your home, a cool and comfortable haven. Is yours ready for the task ahead?

There are some important maintenance tasks to check before summer comes. Here is what you need to do to ensure it will work properly all season long.

Protect Your Air Conditioner While You’re Doing Lawn Maintenance

If you are planning on refreshing your lawn and garden when spring comes, you must remember to properly protect your air conditioner during the process.

Trim the bushes and trees around the condenser unit and check the drainpipe, making sure it is clear and above the ground. Once lawn maintenance is done, you can move on to the HVAC unit. 

Consider Planting Shrubs Near the Condenser If It’s Hit by the Sun Directly

If your condenser unit is exposed to direct sunlight for more than two hours a day, especially during the afternoon, then you might want to consider planting shrubs or little trees next to it to provide some shade. But be careful not to have anything obstructing the unit’s vents or pipes. 

Remove Covers and Make Sure All Pipes Are Clear

It’s time to remove the lids, carpets or blankets you’ve been using to protect your outdoor unit from the harsh winter. Check the unit for debris and clear the motor blades with a vacuum cleaner. Clean your outdoor unit is best done by a professional.

Change the Filters

Spring cleaning is the best moment to replace the air filters or clean the reusable ones. Even if you already changed them in the last three months, it’s best to have fresh new filters when the cooling season starts. Also, winter tends to come with more dust and debris accumulations, so changing the filters is essential.

Test the Thermostat

Testing your thermostat is a good idea if you want to ensure it works properly once the unit’s function changes. If your thermostat controls different areas through zoning, make sure the air ducts of unused areas during winter are cleared out and clean. 

Call a Professional for an Annual Maintenance

Even if you prepared your unit thoroughly for the spring, it is best if you call a professional to take a look at the whole system. There are some operations that you cannot perform yourself, and that could affect your system’s performance.

You want your system to be working at its best when summer heat comes. Proper maintenance can actually save you money by keeping the unit working as efficiently as possible. 

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