Are High-Priced Furnace Filters Worth the Cost?

Since they are the first line of defense against dirt and debris reaching your HVAC system, finding the right filter is important.

There is no doubt that being vigilant about changing your furnace filters is essential for many reasons. Frequent furnace filter changes allow the airflow to your home to be optimized, which puts less wear and tear on your HVAC system. It also stops allergens from being continuously circulated throughout your home, which can jeopardize your health and make your allergies worse. But is there really a difference in air filters? And does paying more for your air filters really pay off in the end, or is it all just hype?

What is an Air Filter?

An air filter is the first line of defense to stop large particles from getting into your ductwork and either caking your ductwork with dirt and debris that can cut back on airflow or stop those particles from being recirculated through the air in your home, which can increase your allergy symptoms. The filter is designed to stop the wear and tear on your HVAC system and to improve the air quality in your home.

Are High-Priced Filters Worth It?

The truth is that high-priced filters aren’t always worth it – but sometimes they are. Since they are the first protector against dirt and debris reaching your HVAC system, finding the right filter to keep particles at bay is important. However, it isn’t always as much about the quality of the filter as the replacement of it. Sometimes it is more about replacement frequency than the actual type of filters that you buy.

Before You Pay More

Before you assume that paying more for a furnace filter will more effectively protect your HVAC system and your air quality, it’s a good idea for you to investigate whether the higher cost is worth it or not. There are many grades of air filters, and they are all different – but just because one costs more doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do a better job. The simple truth is that the price of the air filter doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on how much they filter your home’s air quality – it may be that they just cost more.

Are there Disadvantages to High-Priced Filters?

The biggest disadvantage to a high-priced filter might seem to be that you are paying for something that doesn’t really provide you any benefit. The reality is that some filters that cost more might actually limit the airflow of your home, which puts more wear and tear on your HVAC appliance. If the filter allows less airflow, then you are taxing your units and shortening their longevity – which adds up to a huge disadvantage.

So before you invest in any air filter for your HVAC system, make sure to do your research and find one that is worth it. Even more importantly, make sure you change your filters regularly; this will ensure that your system is working optimally and that the filter isn’t overworking it.

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