Is a Ductless Air Conditioning System Worth It?

When you decide what kind of air conditioning system to use in your home, you must think ahead for years to come, weighing in the benefits and disadvantages it has for your lifestyle.

At first glance, choosing a certain system is mostly about the budget and the size of the space you want to cover. However, air conditioning units these days are quite complex, meaning you have more variables to take into account.

Split units are becoming more popular in people’s homes, dethroning the duct system that was the norm back in the day. Let’s see what makes so many households choose to go ductless.

It Is Less Expensive

Installing split units in your home can easily be cheaper than having a duct system fitted into your walls. The latter is a big project that affects the whole house and may require demolition work to put everything together. It also means a lot of ducts, materials, and piping which will cost quite a lot. If you make a calculation, you will be surprised to see that having split units in each room can be cheaper than having a unitary system.

Installation Is Significantly Quicker and Non-Invasive

Besides being expensive, the hassle of installing a duct system in a home that doesn’t have it is quite large. You would have to take time from work or other projects to supervise the team that will work in your home, breaking the walls, making noise and mess. Your life is significantly more affected by installing a duct system than by getting split units, which typically can be fitted in less than a day.

Better Zoned Temperature Control

Having ductless air conditioning units means that you decide how to control the climate in each separate room. Not all duct HVAC systems have the zoning function, and being forced to cool down the whole house is not cost-efficient or comfortable. Split units allow you to only use the HVAC system where and when needed.

Less Maintenance Is Needed

A ductless air conditioning unit is easier to maintain than a huge system that goes through your entire home, hidden in the walls. Maintaining a ductless unit means replacing or cleaning the filters from time to time and having a professional perform maintenance. This also lessens the probability of malfunctions.

It Can Be Healthier Than Duct Systems

Getting fresh air in your home is easier with a ductless system, and you will avoid running the air through so many tight, inaccessible places that are hard to keep clean and safe. This will lessen the chance of triggering allergies or having health hazards like mold and dangerous bacteria in your indoor air.

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