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Explore the various types of HVAC systems available to find the system to best meet your needs.

The major deciding factor for the price you pay for a heating and cooling system is energy efficiency, which is based on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating of the system. A high SEER rating indicates better efficiency. Systems with a SEER rating of over 16 are considered high-efficiency HVAC systems.

Air Conditioning Window Units

Although these units provide cool air inside a room and are moderately cheaper compared to other units, they have a higher total cost of ownership. This is due to the fact that they are not as efficient as other units, which typically causes energy expenses to increase. The minimum energy standards used for central air conditioning systems are not applicable to these units. As a result, these air conditioning units are not as environment-friendly as central air conditioning systems.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are considered energy-efficient alternatives for small rooms without ductwork. Using a ductless system renders existing ductwork useless since they are not going to be used anymore. It also requires the installation of new refrigerant lines for new in-room systems. The cost of using ductless systems increases when the system is used for the whole house. Additional issues may also emerge with the use of a ductless system for the whole house.

High-Efficiency HVAC Systems

High-efficiency HVAC systems offer a modifiable capacity cooling option that allows savings on energy costs. It also enhances the comfort inside the whole house. Although the initial cost of installing these systems is high, the total cost of ownership is lower over the lifetime of these air conditioning systems. A St. Louis air conditioning company can provide additional information when homeowners decide to use these systems.

Geothermal Systems

A geothermal system is the most energy-efficient HVAC system in the market today. It also provides homeowners with the best savings in energy expenses. Geothermal systems utilize the constant temperature of the earth to cool or heat the house instead of relying on the transfer of cold or hot air using unpredictable temperatures outside the house. Since the temperature under the ground is constant throughout the year, it can be transferred effortlessly into the home. The seasons have no effect on the efficiency of these systems. The initial cost of installing this system is high since it requires the installation of a heat exchanger underground. The investment is practical for homeowners aiming to stay in the same house for at least five years. Since it has a low energy requirement, it is the most environmentally friendly solution.

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