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Avoid expensive air conditioner repairs with the following tips from St. Louis HVAC experts.

Homeowners often ask us for suggestions on things they can do in addition to replacing the air filters to avoid expensive air conditioner repairs. Every homeowner wants to avoid a sudden breakdown of their HVAC system. There are numerous ways to make sure an air conditioning system continues to function properly during the summer. Here are some things homeowners can try.

Shut Down the Air Conditioner System While Working On the Lawn

Lawn clippings can easily enter the outdoor coil or the exterior wall of the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system. The same lawn clippings can also enter the heat pump of the system. Whenever a nearby lawn is being mowed, it is advisable to shut off the thermostat for the time being. It is also advisable to ensure that the outdoor unit is free of any foliage or undergrowth.

Make Sure All Air Vents Are Free of Blockages

The proper flow of air is essential for air conditioning systems to run properly. Return air grills should be checked for any obstructions. These are the components that return air into the system.

Ensure the Equipment Pad Is Level

Whenever the sections around the heat pump or air conditioner start to settle, the equipment pad has a tendency to become slanted. The equipment pad provides support to the unit. To ensure the efficient performance of an air conditioner unit, the pad should be at a level position. On the other hand, the heat pump may require a slight slope. A professional HVAC company can ensure these requirements are met.

Prevent Insects From Entering the System

Ants and insects have the tendency to enter the electrical components of outdoor heat pumps or air conditioners. These pests may affect the performance of the unit and prevent it from starting. Environmentally-safe pesticides can be used around the foundation to prevent pests from entering the system.

St. Louis Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Setting a schedule for HVAC maintenance is the best method to ensure its proper operation. Regular maintenance by an experienced HVAC professional ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of an air conditioning system. This is particularly true when it comes to the time of year when the equipment is used for extended periods. Regular maintenance check-ups by a professional air conditioning company enable savings of up to 15 percent in air conditioning expenses during the summer.

Following these suggestions will help you avoid costly repairs to your air conditioning system. For regular HVAC maintenance, call Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (314) 471-7625 today.

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