Simple Tips to Achieve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Energy Savings HVAC St. Louis

At Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand the importance of energy efficiency for both your wallet and the environment. As energy costs continue to rise, achieving energy efficiency in your home has never been more important. Making a few simple changes can significantly reduce your energy consumption and save money on utility bills. …

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Heating Your Home This Winter Without Breaking Your Budget

How to Lower Heating Costs

With fall well underway and winter knocking on our doors, make preparations to ensure your home stays well-heated this winter. Heating your home efficiently during winter can help you stay warm without overspending on energy bills. By following these tips and making your home more energy-efficient, you can stay warm during the winter without breaking your budget on …

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Five Myths About Energy Efficiency At Home

The Truth About Home Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in your home? Energy efficiency has gained significant attention in a world increasingly conscious of environmental concerns and rising energy costs. Homeowners are eager to adopt practices that reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint from appliances to lighting and insulation. However, amidst the well-intentioned efforts, …

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HVAC Tips to Reduce Your Utility Costs

How to Reduce Energy Costs

Most homeowners are concerned with making their home’s energy efficient while saving money at the same time. In the past, home improvement projects primarily aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of homes. In today’s energy-aware world, homeowners are more concerned with making their houses more energy efficient. There are several home remodeling projects that your …

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Energy Star Approved HVAC Appliances

Energy Star HVAC system

If you are considering replacing your home’s furnace or air conditioning system, ask your HVAC technician about Energy Star appliances. Since its inauguration in 1992, consumers have seen Energy Star labels on appliances in all retail stores, including those used to heat and cool our homes. But do you know what those numbers mean? If …

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Upgrading an HVAC System in a Commercial Building

Commercial Building HVAC St. Louis

Most building owners do not consider upgrading the HVAC system until they realize that the existing one is no longer efficient enough to handle the needs of the structure. Your current HVAC system will first be assessed to see what, if anything, is salvageable and what replacements will benefit the owner most. An analysis of …

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