High Energy Costs: Is My Air Conditioner to Blame?

Whether it is a malfunction or a lack of maintenance, your AC unit needs regular check-ups, especially when it’s running all day.

There’s nothing like a cool room to make summer more bearable. It’s clear that during summer, air conditioning is one of the most used appliances. However, sometimes it feels like a luxury when you look at the electricity bill.

If you are suddenly paying unreasonable amounts on the monthly electricity bill, one of the most common culprits might be the air conditioning system. Although you should expect it to add a little more to the bill, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Here is what to investigate when you suspect your air conditioning is costing you more than it should.

Is the Air Filter Dirty?

You might be surprised at how many people forget to replace or clean the air filter on the AC unit. Not only can this damage your health, it can put an unnecessary strain on your air conditioner. Because of dirt buildup on the air filter, the air does not flow properly, and the unit works harder than usual to do its job. Replace or clean the air filters at least once every two months and see if your next bill is back on track.

Do You See Any Leaks?

If you see wet stains around the unit or certain drippings that shouldn’t be there, give us a call right away. A faulty air conditioner is not only bad at cooling your house efficiently, but it can be bad for your health or even safety.

Leaks of the refrigerant solution will cause the air conditioner to put extra effort into cooling. Another type of leaks occurs in the duct system. A professional will be able to tell if that’s the case and seal the hole.

Is Your Air Conditioner Old?

If your air conditioner was purchased and installed a long time ago, then it may simply be outdated. A decade ago or more, air conditioning units were not as advanced as today, and that shows in their efficiency, and therefore in their energy consumption. Add to that all the years of hard work and you have your answer as to why the electricity bill is so high.

Has It Been a Long Time since a Professional Last Checked Your AC?

If cleaning the filters did not work and nothing else seems off, the best way to diagnose the problem is to call an HVAC professional and have it checked. You might be close to identifying a problem yourself, but a specialist will have the necessary tools and knowledge to pinpoint the issue and solve it. They may recommend a part replacement, repairs, a duct sealing, etc.

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Whether it is a malfunction or a lack of maintenance, your AC unit needs regular check-ups, especially when it’s supposed to run all day. Keeping it well maintained is cheaper than having it run improperly and pump up your electricity bill.

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