6 Common AC Issues That Happen During the Summer Months

AC Repair St. Louis

During the hot summer months, some AC issues are more common than others. Here are some AC repair issues you may face. This August has been especially warm! Hot summer weather certainly strains your air conditioner system and can, as a result, develop issues for many different reasons. However, some problems are more common than …

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Legionnaires’ Disease and HVAC Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Indoor Air Quality St. Louis

HVAC systems installed and maintained by our technicians are guaranteed to be free from any organic matter, thus keeping you and your family safe from respiratory illnesses. Legionnaires’ disease, or legionellosis, is caused by the bacterium L. Pneumophila. According to the CDC, the disease hospitalizes between 8,000 to 18,000 people every year. First identified in …

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