5 Reasons an Oversized Air Conditioner Is a Bad Investment

A properly sized air conditioner keeps a constant temperature. Besides this obvious function, it also maintains the air humidity under control.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when browsing the market for the ideal air conditioning unit for your home. We’re talking about efficiency, extra features, size, energy saving capacity, and so on.

Whether you suspect your air conditioner is too big for your home or you want to buy a new unit and you don’t know what to choose, here are several reasons why you should go with a properly sized appliance and not an oversized one. Spoiler alert: a bigger system isn’t necessarily better.

You Will Keep Turning It on and off

A unit that is designed for a bigger space than the one you have will cool down your home too fast, forcing you to turn it off soon. However, the walls won’t have enough time to cool down, so you will have to turn it on and off again, trying to reach the ideal temperature.

Not only that will wear out your unit, shortening its life, but you won’t be that comfortable either. We thrive in an environment with a nice, cozy and constant temperature and an oversized unit can’t provide that.

The AC Unit Won’t Control Humidity Properly

A properly sized air conditioner keeps a constant temperature. Besides this obvious function, it also maintains the air humidity under control.

A unit that is too big will not have time to dry the air, leaving you with too much humidity. That will make you feel uncomfortable, as humid air feels hotter than drier air. Being sweaty with the air conditioning on doesn’t seem right, does it?

It Is NOT Cost Efficient

Many people choose a bigger unit on purpose, thinking that it will lower their electricity bills by running less than a small unit. But keep in mind that a bigger unit consumes more electricity than a normal unit, and turning it on and off constantly does not help either.

It Takes up More Space

One of the most obvious downsides of getting a bigger air conditioning unit is its size: it simply occupies more space. Having a giant condenser unit next to your house can be really unpleasant. Not only that it’s anesthetic but it can get quite noisy too. Moreover, you would have to put more effort into keeping debris out of it and cleaning the vents and filters.

It Costs More

Since many homeowners care about the financial aspect of such a big purchase, we will mention that a bigger unit is more expensive than a properly sized one. Since we already debunked the myth of the energy saving big unit, it simply isn’t worth getting one, since it doesn’t cover the investment in time.

These five reasons should help you understand why you should stick with a properly sized air conditioner when purchasing a new one or even get you to replace the one you already have if it is indeed too big.

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