Why Quality Installation Matters in the HVAC Industry

The two best ways to control quality is by researching a respected brand and making sure your HVAC installer is experienced and responsible.

When it comes to the HVAC industry, smart consumers look at a few critical factors before making purchases. The two you are likely familiar with are brands and total cost, however the quality of installation is incredibly important too. Here’s why..


One of your top priorities when shopping for your new HVAC system might be efficiency. The reasoning behind this desire is simple. You want to cut your costs, lessen your footprint, and have a system that works less to do more. Unfortunately, a poor installation will significantly cut into your efficiency and make your system function like one that is much worse than it really is. Some experts even believe that improper installation can decrease output by 30%, which is a significant sum.


There are two ways that a poorly installed system can decrease your comfort. First, heating and cooling will take longer. Like most people, you probably keep your system off for most of the day. Then, when you need it, you make a temperature change and let it get to work. A poorly installed system will make your wait much longer. The second way is through uneven heating and cooling. Having hot and cold spots throughout your home definitely isn’t optimal.

Service Life

As we explained above, decreased efficiency leads to your system working harder to produce less. The result is an overworked machine that is prone to breaking down. While you might expect 10 or 15 years of life out of a well-functioning system, you could get significantly less out of one that is continually strained. Not only will that give you a hefty replacement bill, but you’ll have to deal with the inconveniences of having a contractor continually working on your home.

Wasting a Big Brand Name

Many HVAC customers make the smart decision of choosing a reliable brand for their system. They believe that doing so will increase the power, efficiency, and life of the machine. In most cases, they are right, but not when poor installation is a factor. Instead, they pay extra for the best machinery possible and end up with the output of a lesser brand and model.

The Cost to Fix or Replace

There are two ways in which poor installation can affect your wallet. First, you might notice poor efficiency or spotty heating and call an HVAC company for a repair. Doing so will lead to a lump sum cost to correct the installation and get your system working well again. The second way presents itself when you don’t fix the issue. In this case, your system ends up accruing more costs over time and breaking down earlier than expected. The latter results in you have to buy a new one sooner than usual. Both of these results are unfavorable and frustrating.

Choosing an HVAC system may seem trivial in the moment, but remember that you’re likely going to have it for a decade or more. The two best ways to control quality is by researching a respected brand and making sure your HVAC installer is experienced and responsible. Once you carry out those two tasks, you can enjoy a well functioning system that will pay dividends for many years.

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