Utilizing UV Rays To Protect Your Home From Pollutants

It is estimated that at least 50% of illnesses are the direct result of indoor air pollution.

Considering the amount of time we spend indoors, it would be prudent of us to try and eliminate contaminates from our home’s air. The biggest distributor of pollution in our homes is the heating and cooling systems. If this is of special concern to you, ask your HVAC technician about installing a UV light in your home. This is a safe way to remove many irritants and pollutants from your home’s atmosphere.  Do not be scared off by the UV. These lights are installed inside your duct system. You and your family will never be directly exposed to it.

What Type of Pollutants Are Being Destroyed?

Scientists have named the group of pollutants most commonly found in our home bioaerosols. They consist of dust mites, fungi, pollen, spores, and mold. These are all either tiny living organisms or pieces of living things, such as pet dander. Bioaerosols can cause infections and allergies. They are most often associated with pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. People who suffer from asthma are at higher risk for an attack in a home that has a high concentration of pollutants. The good news is that UV germicidal lights are effective at killing 98% of bioaerosols. This is accomplished by the UV light breaking down the DNA of the organisms. Without intact DNA, bioaerosols are unable to grow and thrive in your home.

The air inside your home passes through the heating and cooling system approximately 75 times a day, more if the blower is constantly on. By placing a UV light inside the ductwork, you are forcing that air to pass over it. Each time it does, a band of light kills the contaminants within. Within 45 minutes, you can reduce the amount of bioaerosols in your home by half.

Should You Install The UV Lights Yourself?

Although it may seem simple if you would like to install a UV light, a professional HVAC technician will need to be called. You will need their expertise in choosing the right size to fit your home as well as where inside your ductwork it should be placed to reach all of the circulated air. In order to be effective, a UV light should be installed downstream of the air conditioning coils. This is a breeding area for bacteria and mold. By installing the light above it, you eliminate those risks. Making sure it is not impeding the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems is also a consideration.

Considering the health benefits offered by UV light, the small cost to you will be well worth it. You will see a decrease in sinus infections, allergic reactions, and bronchial infections. In fact, after installing a UV light, many asthma sufferers report an almost immediate relief from symptoms.

HVAC Company In St Louis

In order to keep your indoor environment safe, you need to tackle the pollution problem head-on. Talk with Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (314) 471-7625 to learn if installing a UV light is the right solution for your home.

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