Staying Warm This Winter

The holidays are right around the corner, and so is the cold Missouri winter.

One of the most miserable ways to start a winter day is to wake up and find that your furnace has stopped working and your home is almost as cold inside as the freezing temperatures outside. The most likely culprit is a blown-out pilot light. If this is a continuing problem with your home furnace, you will need to call a reliable HVAC technician out to your home. You don’t want to be caught without heat in the midst of a blizzard.

Fixing a Pilot Light

The easiest cause of an extinguished pilot light to deal with is a draft. The cover over the furnace should protect it, but sometimes a breeze entering the space from a different direction will put it out. An HVAC technician will first relight the pilot and then work to determine the source of the draft. If none is found, then it would be determined that another issue caused it to blow out.

A Faulty Thermocouple

A faulty thermocouple may be causing your pilot light to go out. This device is located next to the pilot light and controls the flow of gas to it. It is a safety feature designed to prevent the leakage of gas into your own if the pilot light is not lit. A malfunctioning pilot light will stop that flow unnecessarily. If this is the case with your furnace, you will have to call your local HVAC company to come out and replace it. This is not the type of repair a homeowner can do themselves.

Regular Furnace Maintenance

A well-maintained and cleaned furnace will help keep your pilot light burning. Soot and corrosion can interfere with its functionality and cause it to burn out. The apparatus surrounding the pilot light is sensitive and should be cleaned by an HVAC professional. Establishing a regular maintenance schedule with him will help avoid future problems.  In the event that your furnace uses electricity to ignite the gas, there will be no pilot light. In that case, you will have to call your HVAC company immediately.

Even the most do-it-yourself enthusiasts should stay away from trying to fix a house’s furnace on their own. Some outside troubleshooting is acceptable, such as checking the thermostat settings and filters, but leave opening the furnace to professionals. These are complex machines connected to either gas or electrical lines. If not handled correctly, they can put you and your home in grave danger. If you have a newer furnace, then there is a good chance that it is still under manufacturer warranty as well as installation warranty. If you start tinkering with the many moving parts, you could cause more damage and void your warranties.

Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC has experienced HVAC technicians who are qualified to determine the root cause of your furnace’s problem. A furnace is outfitted with many sensitive parts that require specialized training to understand. Call us today at (314) 471-7625.

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