Troubleshooting Your Heating System: Is It the Thermostat or Furnace?


Determining whether the problem lies with your thermostat or furnace can be a detective game. Our HVAC techs can help!

When the temperature drops and it gets chilly, it’s crucial to have a reliable heating system. However, from time to time, heating issues can arise, leaving you shivering and wondering whether the problem lies with your thermostat or your furnace.

At Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning and Heating, we are here to assist you in keeping your home cozy and comfortable during the chilly months.

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Understanding the Thermostat

The thermostat serves as the control center for your heating system. It monitors the temperature in your home and signals the furnace to kick in when it gets too cold. If you suspect a heating issue, it’s essential to consider the thermostat as a potential culprit.

Common thermostat problems include:

  • Incorrect Settings: Sometimes, the issue can be as simple as someone in your household accidentally setting the thermostat to “cool” instead of “heat” or inputting the wrong temperature.
  • Dead Batteries: If your thermostat is battery-operated, dead batteries can prevent it from functioning correctly. Make sure to replace them regularly.
  • Dust and Dirt: Dust and debris can accumulate inside your thermostat, affecting its accuracy and responsiveness. Cleaning it can often resolve minor issues.
  • Wiring Problems: Loose or damaged wiring can interfere with the communication between your thermostat and furnace.

Checking Your Thermostat

  1. First, ensure your thermostat is set to “heat” at the desired temperature.
  2. Replace the batteries, if necessary, and clean the thermostat if it appears dusty or dirty.
  3. If you’re comfortable with it, inspect the wiring to ensure there are no loose or damaged connections. If you’re unsure about this step, it’s best to consult a professional technician.

Understanding the Furnace

The furnace is the heart of your heating system. It’s responsible for generating heat and distributing it throughout your home. If you’ve ruled out thermostat issues and still experience heating problems, it’s time to consider the furnace.

Common furnace problems include:

  • Lack of Maintenance: Neglecting regular furnace maintenance can lead to various issues, such as clogged filters, dirty burners, or worn-out components.
  • Pilot Light Problems: If you have a gas furnace, a malfunctioning pilot light can prevent the unit from heating your home.
  • Electrical Issues: Faulty wiring, blown fuses, or tripped circuit breakers can disrupt the furnace’s operation.
  • Mechanical Failures: Furnace components, like the blower motor or fan, may wear out or fail over time, leading to heating problems.

Checking Your Furnace

  1. Ensure the furnace power switch is on and the thermostat is set to “heat.”
  2. Replace the furnace filter if it’s dirty or clogged. This simple step can often resolve heating issues.
  3. If you have a gas furnace, check the pilot light. If it’s out, follow your furnace’s instructions for relighting it.
  4. If you’ve addressed these common issues and still have no heat, it’s time to consult a professional HVAC technician to inspect and diagnose your furnace.

Remember that safety should always be a top priority when dealing with heating systems, especially the furnace. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable performing any of the checks or maintenance tasks mentioned, it’s best to contact a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the issue. At Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning and Heating, we are here to assist you in keeping your home cozy and comfortable during the chilly months.

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