Safety Tips for the Next Winter

When temperatures hit rock bottom, homeowners try out everything possible to stay warm and, at the same time, save energy.

From heating systems to fireplaces and space heaters, these are used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home. HVAC experts feel that homeowners should exercise precaution while heating up their homes during winter so as to ensure the safety of their families. Quite often, we come across cases of home fires in winter. Surprisingly, 36 percent of these fires are heating-related.

There are various aspects of HVAC systems that can malfunction and cause a fire. Some irresponsible acts on the part of the residents may also lead to a fire and other health hazards. In order to ensure the complete safety of our customers during cold weather, we have compiled a list of some tips to stay warm and safe.

The Heating System

Your heating furnace should be in perfect condition if you want to keep all hazards at bay. It is important that you get a professional HVAC company to conduct a complete inspection of the furnace to see if any repairs are required. Routine maintenance should be done well before the onset of winter.

The Fire Place

Many home fires in the United States are caused by build-up in chimneys and fireplaces. You should get complete maintenance done to check if the chimneys and fireplaces are in perfect order. In this case, too, the maintenance should be carried out well before winter starts. When you start lighting up the fireplace, you should bear some important things in mind. Do not keep any combustible substances close to the fireplace (not even by mistake), and ensure that the fire has been completely extinguished when you go off to bed.

Air Pollution

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can cause serious and long-lasting health problems. A faulty heating system or overuse of fireplaces and other heating sources can lead to carbon monoxide build-up. You should invest in a carbon monoxide detector to ensure that any build-up is quickly detected and checked. Apart from this, excessively dry inside air during winter can cause several respiratory problems. So, you should ensure that the air in your house is humidified. A whole-house humidifier can be a great investment if there are low humidity levels in your house.

Space Heaters

In sub-zero winter temperatures, when the heating system of the house does not seem to be sufficient to fight biting cold, people often use space heaters. However, it is important that you purchase space heaters that are approved by underwriting laboratories and have an auto shut-off feature.

Just in case you suspect any problems in your heating system, call Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (314) 471-7625 and get necessary repairs done before they cause damage to health or property.

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