Simple Tips For Keeping Your Heating and Cooling Costs Down

Heating and cooling your home year-round can account for almost half of your total utility bill.  How can you improve your HVAC system for better efficiency?

Even a slight ten percent reduction could save you a few hundred dollars each year. There are dozens of different ways you can make improvements on your home to help improve the efficiency. Some are complex and will require the aid of an HVAC company, while there are other, smaller projects you can do yourself for little expense.

Inspect the Vents

One of the simplest ways to improve your HVAC system efficiency is by checking the vents. When placing furniture and rugs in a room, many people pay little attention to floor vents and obstruct them. Check that all of your floor vents are fully open and that airflow is not being restricted by large objects. If there are empty, rarely used rooms in your house, consider closing those vents entirely so that expensive heated or cooled air is not wasted there.

Clean the Duct Work

At least once a year, have the ductwork for your central heating and cooling system cleaned, including the vents. Dust accumulation will impede the flow of air, causing your fans to have to work harder. Plus, the dust can contain contaminants that are unhealthy for you and your family. Another benefit to yearly cleaning is the opportunity to check for any dents or leaks in the ductwork that need to be repaired. Pipes that run through unused space like attics or garages should be heavily insulated to avoid any loss of heat.

Change the Filters Monthly

Central heating and cooling systems rely on filters to help keep the air free of harmful microorganisms. Once those filters become clogged, your system starts to run harder in order to pass the air. Set up a system that will remind you to change those filters monthly. You can set up an email alert or even program your cell phone to send you a monthly reminder. If you are unsure how to change it yourself or what type of filter to use, your HVAC technician will be happy to help show you.

Program the Digital Thermostat

Take advantage of your digital thermostat. These innovative devices are extremely helpful in keeping your home energy efficient. Analyze your family’s time at home and program the thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically for when the home is empty. Each extra degree of temperature equals money saved on your utility bill. Never program the system to completely shut down when no one is home. Having to restart will actually waste more energy than just turning the temperature up or down a few degrees.

These are just a few of the dozens of ways you can improve the efficiency of your home. Once you start and see the difference in your energy bill, you will be motivated to move on to even larger projects like window and door sealing. Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC can come out to your home and do a complete inspection with you to identify all areas of energy loss and guide you on the best way to remedy them.

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