Preparing Your Air Conditioner for a Great Summer

You may not enjoy this summer if your air conditioner is not working well.

Summer is a time of the year for great fun. In spite of the joy and great pleasure associated with the season, it can be particularly hot too. So if your air conditioner is not working as well as it should, you are probably not going to enjoy your summer that much.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

It is a fact that an air conditioner plays an important role in making your home and life more comfortable. But for your system to perform well, proper maintenance is very essential. Servicing your air conditioning system is as important as servicing your vehicles. Failure to carry out periodic maintenance on your air conditioner will leave it incapable of making your home comfortable.

Without regular maintenance, air conditioners lose about five percent of their efficiency on a yearly basis. With regular servicing, you can keep your air conditioner working efficiently for many years. For instance, if your air conditioner is regularly serviced by an expert, its efficiency level may be maintained at over 90% over its entire life span.

It is not correct to consider payment for summer servicing of your air conditioner as an unnecessary expenditure. You should rather see it as an investment that will go a long way to saving money in the long run while also preserving your air conditioner. Besides, another reason you should consider summer servicing is that many HVAC companies offer discounts during the summer.

What Does Air Conditioner Servicing Include?

Servicing will usually include different maintenance tasks. These include a thorough check of your system’s temperature levels, examination of the compressor unit’s amperage draw, checking of the coolant level to see if a refill is required, cleaning of the coils in the condensing unit, checking of operating pressure, and belt alignment.

However, all maintenance tasks should not be left to a servicing professional to handle. There are some tasks you can carry out yourself to improve the performance of your air conditioner. You should ensure that supply air and return outlets are not blocked by any objects and that the outside unit is not filled with dirt. It is also important to make sure air filters are changed periodically.

Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

The usefulness of regular air conditioner maintenance cannot be overemphasized. It can save you from breakdowns that necessitate huge expenses, while also facilitating a great summer for you and your family. Contact Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (314) 471-7625 for information about summer maintenance.

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