Have You had Your Air Ducts Cleaned? Here’s How to Do it Properly

While there is no way of replacing a professional duct cleaning service, you can still do a few things that will help your AC system deliver fresh, clean air to your home.

There’s a reason so many specialists insist on properly maintaining your air conditioning unit. An appliance that is well taken care of will have a long lifespan and will be more energy-efficient. Not to mention, it will ensure that the air you are breathing is clean.

We know it’s an intimidating task. It can be tough to reach and clean this large system of ducts and air vents. Understandably, you want to leave that to a professional team that uses specialized equipment to reach those tight places.

But, there are some areas that you can clean by yourself. It is not a bad idea to keep them clear, as long as you do it properly.

Why You Should Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Vacuum and wipe the ducts to eliminate all the dust and debris that has been deposited on their walls over time. All these particles – dust, mites, animal fur – can linger in your home and affect your health. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, for example, these irritants will worsen your symptoms. Cleaning your ducts will keep the air in your home safe to breathe and your family healthy.

Another important reason you should get the ducts cleaned is to protect your air conditioner unit by maintaining the airflow at a normal level and not choking the motors and ventilators with too much debris. Consequently, your electricity will be used efficiently, and you won’t be paying extra for the effort made by a dirty unit.

How to Clean Your Ducts at Home

While there is no way of replacing a company’s full duct cleaning service, you can still do a few things that will help your AC system deliver fresh, clean air to your home all the time. Make sure to remove your wall registers and wash them with hot, soapy water during your weekly cleaning. While they are drying, clean as much as you can from the ducts inside with a vacuum cleaner and a brush attachment. You can also use a stiff bristle brush to dislodge dust from the duct walls.

Next, replace the furnace filter with a new one. You will notice a difference in the amount of dust that will get into your home right away.

What Will a Professional Duct Cleaning Service Do?

As much as you try, you won’t reach all the areas in the duct system. Unfortunately, your tools and equipment are not built for this job. A professional team will use an industrial vacuum cleaner and a long hose that reaches deep into the duct system. They will also check for malfunctions and perform other maintenance operations while they are working on your ducts.

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