Creative Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Costs This Winter

With a little help from the kids, you can come up with plenty of ways to stay warm during the winter months!

The winter season can really do a number on your budget. If you’ve been constantly frustrated by your high heating costs, there are plenty of ways you can save money and energy. With some creativity and maybe even a little help from the kids, you can come up with plenty of ways to stay warm in the winter months.

Get a Pet

Before indoor heating existed, people often relied on their pets to keep them warm. Your pet’s body heat snuggling up at night might allow you to sleep with the thermostat turned down slightly, saving you money.

Elderly adults often feel more cold than others. Having a warm lapdog could go a long way towards keeping their hands warm in the winter.

Build a Fort

Building a giant, enclosed fort with pillows and blankets to trap heat is a great snow day activity for kids. Add a space heater to make things really toasty.

Welcome the Sun

Don’t forget that the sun gives off warmth every day for free. Take advantage of it by keeping curtains and blinds open on sunny days. Don’t forget that in the winter, it’s more difficult to get vitamin D from the Sun, which can lead to seasonal depression. Spend some time in the sun, when you can, to warm up and protect your mental health.

Buy a New Unit

HVAC technology is constantly improving and becoming more energy efficient. Your current unit may have served you faithfully for years, but it’s age now means that it’s not as efficient as it should be. Investing in a new, energy efficient unit will probably save you money in the long run.

Regular Maintenance

Like most mechanical instruments, your heating system needs to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure peak performance. Scheduling your St. Louis HVAC technician to perform regular maintenance could help you prevent system malfunctions that could waste time, energy, and money. You should also be vacuum cleaning your vents and replacing your filters every month to ensure that air is able to move freely.

Turn on the Ceiling Fan

You might remember from high school physics that heat rises. Unfortunately, this natural law probably doesn’t serve your best interests or wallet. You can combat this problem by running your ceiling fans to push warm air back down.

Ask an Expert

If your heating bills have been astronomical, it’s time to consult a specialist. A St. Louis HVAC technician can help you pinpoint the problems that are costing you money. A trained HVAC technician can also recommend the most energy efficient models and share tips and tricks for reducing heating costs.

With all the other costs that come up in winter, there’s no reason to be paying a ridiculously high bill because of your heating. If an inefficient heating system is costing you in the winter, calling a St. Louis HVAC service could end up saving you money and sparing you frustration.

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