Benefits of a Humidifier in an HVAC System

Our HVAC experts recommend whole-house humidifiers to best improve the internal air quality.

A humidifier is an appliance that adds moisture to the air through water vapors. There are various types of humidifiers available in the market. From stand-alone humidifiers for a single room to whole-house humidifiers, you have enough choices to meet your needs.   A whole-house humidifier is attached to the home’s HVAC system. It connects directly with the house’s water supply and produces steam humidification. This steam travels through the ductwork of the HVAC system and humidifies air in the entire house.

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Assessing the Need for a Whole-House Humidifier

Most modern HVAC systems come equipped with a humidifier. If you do not have one in your HVAC system, you should call on an HVAC company to have it installed because no matter how sophisticated your HVAC system is, it will never be able to provide you with perfect air quality unless it has a humidifier installed. If you are feeling cold despite your heating system working at its total capacity, or if you suffer from an irritated nose quite often, then there are chances that the air inside your house is too dry, and you need a humidifier.

Dry air can cause many problems. It can damage your health, comfort, furniture, flooring, wall paint, and other property.

Here are some benefits that you can achieve by installing a humidifier in your HVAC system:

Health Benefits

Dry air causes discomfort and several respiratory problems. You may find breathing in dry winter air hard, and the nose remains dry and irritated. People with asthma or allergies become afflicted by dry air. Also, dry air causes skin irritation, dryness, and chapped lips. Dry air also makes the membranes thinner, causing nose bleeds. A humidifier can help improve air quality, relieve discomfort, and prevent health problems caused by dry air.

Energy Savings

Dry air makes you feel colder, but on the other hand,  moist air makes you feel warmer even at the same temperature. The humidifier increases the air’s moisture, making you feel less cold. So, if you feel cold even when the heating system is on, you need a humidifier in your HVAC system. This helps take some load off the heating system and saves energy. This translates into lower power bills.

Other Benefits

Dry air poses health threats and causes the flooring and furniture to crack and become brittle. It may also cause the furniture finish and paint to peel. A humidifier can make the air moist and prolong the life of your property. Plan to install a humidifier in your HVAC system, or you need to carry out routine maintenance on your humidifier and HVAC system. Contact Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC at (314) 471-7625.

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