6 Tips for HVAC Summer Maintenance

If you want to make sure that summer doesn’t break the bank, ensure that your air conditioning unit is in top working order!

As the summer starts to heat up, many are finding a little padding in their budget from turning off the heat. Although the spring weather lends a nice break, according to Alliance to Save Energy, the average homeowner spent as much as $2,200 in cooling costs last year alone.

If you want to make sure that summer doesn’t break the bank, ensure that your air conditioning unit and HVAC system are working in top shape. Now is the perfect time to pay attention to the little things like how well your air conditioning unit is working and how well you are taking care of it.

Follow these six steps to make sure that you’re ready to go this summer.

1. Change the Filter

Just because your furnace isn’t running anymore does not mean that you can ignore your furnace filters. Furnace filters might make you think of heating only, but they also filter the air that circulates your home during the hot weather when the air conditioning is on.

If you don’t change your filters, then you are recirculating allergens, dust and debris, which is likely wreaking havoc on your lungs. The build-up is making your air conditioning unit work harder, too.

2. Clean out the Drainage Hole

Your air conditioning unit has a condenser that will leak water. The drainage hole to deposit the water is usually located in the base of the air conditioner’s cabinet. If you don’t clean it out, then you are running the risk of building up minerals and debris that can lead to a backup in the system, ultimately decreasing the efficiency of your unit and leading to increased wear and tear.

3. Forget the Humidifier

Your air conditioner is guided by the humidity in your house. By pulling the water out of your air, it will make your home feel cooler more quickly. If you want to get the most out of your air conditioner, make sure to have your humidifier cleaned out and running in top shape in order to work as a team with your air conditioning unit.

4. Use a Smart Thermostat

If you want to cut down on energy costs this summer, install a smart thermostat. With one of these, you can control the temperature of your home when you are away. Nothing is more wasteful than keeping a home cool when it is unoccupied. A remote thermostat that you can control from your smartphone will ensure that you aren’t needlessly spending money keeping an empty house cool.

5. Call for a Tune-Up

To make sure that your air conditioning unit doesn’t cost more than it should this summer, make sure to schedule a maintenance call. Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating will make sure that your air conditioning unit and everything else (including your ductwork) are ready to go.

Those who are feeling the relief of no heating costs will soon feel the sting of turning on their AC. Make sure to cut costs this summer by ensuring that your air conditioner is good to go by following these tips!

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