Is an HVAC Service Contract Right for Your Home?

Every homeowner should maintain a contract with a reliable HVAC company.  You then have a guarantee for services to the home system and components for a set fee.

While some may try and say it is a waste of money, they have most likely never woken up in the middle of a cold January night to no heat.  A service contract is an agreement between the HVAC company and a homeowner. For a set fee, there is a guarantee for services to the home system and components. This includes maintenance checks and tune-ups.

Never Forget a Maintenance Check

The headache of having to remember to schedule maintenance checks will most likely be handled by the office staff of the HVAC company. They will keep a careful record of all calls made to your house, repairs made, and parts replaced. A certified technician only needs to look at your records to see how long it has been since a certain critical part of the appliance was replaced.

Identifying Potential Problems

With the annual maintenance checks offered with your service contract, the technician will be able to spot and quickly change out dirty filters and remedy any other problems that may be affecting the efficiency of your heating and cooling units. The money saved by keeping the system efficient will quickly offset the cost of the contract. Plus, with a certified technician looking over the system every few months, potential problems will be identified and repaired before they cause more costly damage or require a replacement.

Receiving Special Discounts

In the event that a part needs to be replaced, a contract holder will receive a special discount not available to every customer.
As a service contract holder, you will be given priority over other customers. If you call because your central air conditioning unit has suddenly started to make an odd noise, your call will be put in front of all other scheduled appointments.

One of the biggest benefits of holding an HVAC contract is avoiding having to replace your central air conditioning unit or furnace. Frequent checks will greatly extend the life of your system.

Maintaining Newer Equipment

If you have invested in newer, more efficient ways to control the climate inside your home, such as a geothermal heat pump, you will want the peace of mind that a technician who is skilled at handling this new technology is only a phone call away. While the idea of a manufacturer warranty may deter you from considering an HVAC service agreement, bear in mind that not properly maintaining these units will often void them. If, for some reason, the new unit is defective or breaks down unexpectedly, you will have positive proof that you responsibly saw to its maintenance with professional help, and the warranty should be honored.

Your home’s HVAC system plays a critical role in keeping your family comfortable. There are many different parts and components to it that you may not even be aware of. Knowing that a skilled and certified technician is only a phone call away in case of an emergency should be incentive enough to invest in a service contract.

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