Enhance the Performance of Your Gas Furnace

If your existing furnace is in good working condition, enhance its performance.

A well-maintained and efficient gas furnace is essential for keeping your home warm and comfortable, especially during the colder months. Regular maintenance and adopting energy-efficient practices can improve your furnace’s performance and contribute to cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Here are some practical tips to enhance the performance of your gas furnace. Call Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule a maintenance visit.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Have the furnace checked by a St. Louis HVAC company annually, if possible, before the start of winter. Thoroughly inspecting the furnace ensures the safety of your home and that the HVAC components are in good working condition. All parts, including the filtration and air distribution systems, along with the gas burners, should be cleaned and fine-tuned by an HVAC technician to ensure optimal performance. Homeowners should also refer to the operating manual to check the kind of filter used in the furnace and when it should be replaced.

Upgrade the Thermostat

Replace a manually adjustable thermostat with a programmable one. Programmable thermostats ensure that the equipment only operates whenever necessary and automatically turns off when required. Several programmable thermostats are available in the market. Look for a model that is simple to install and program. If you already have a programmable thermostat on your furnace, check the device regularly and ensure it is programmed according to your family’s schedule.

Plug Any Holes

Energy Star revealed that standard HVAC systems typically lose around 20 percent of air through leaks. Seal all leaks in the furnace ductwork from the air handler up to the outlet registers. Duct tape may not be sufficient to seal these leaks. Duct-sealing mastic or special adhesive foil tape should be used in its place. Duct mastic is a sticky material that can be purchased in tubs and applied on nearly all surfaces that can be reached using a paintbrush.

Use Insulation

Old HVAC systems may not have any insulation, which may cause heat loss despite having well-sealed ductwork. Since ductwork usually travels through crawl spaces and the attic, the heat loss will affect the comfort level in the house. Adding insulation in the ductwork will ensure the home is comfortable and reduce heating expenses. Insulation for the ductwork can be achieved using wrap-on rolls, blankets, and tubes.

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