Buying a New Furnace: Consider Supplemental Equipment

An HVAC system is essential to keep you comfortable inside your home during harsh weather conditions.

If your furnace has served you for well over a decade and has started troubling you with higher maintenance, repair, and energy costs, it is time you consider investing in a new HVAC system. Your HVAC company can help you figure out the load calculations and choose a furnace that is energy-efficient and the right size for your home. However, in order to get maximum comfort and efficiency out of your new furnace, you should consider investing in some supplemental equipment as well. Here is a small guide to some supplemental equipment that can make a huge difference to your comfort and the internal air quality of your home.

Extended Media Filters

The extended media filters are an improved version of the regular air filters that we use. They offer enhanced air filtration, and the best thing about them is that you do not need to change them as frequently. They can last for well over a year. These filters are installed into the ductwork at the time of installation.

Chimney Liners

Chimney liners are required if your furnace has efficiency in the range of 80 percent. They protect the home from heat transfer to combustibles.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat gives you the freedom to set different temperatures for different times of the day, thus making your HVAC system more effective and energy efficient. It lets you set a higher temperature for the time when you are not around or when you are snuggled up in your blanket. This takes some load off the heating system.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners are more efficient in maintaining your internal air quality than any other filter. They use electrostatic charge to draw pollutants from the air.

Zoning System

A zoning system is a great option for homes where there is more than one level, or the temperature difference between different rooms is large because of variable insulation or other reasons. It allows you to set different temperatures for different parts of the home. The unused rooms can be left unheated.

Variable Speed Furnaces

Also known as multistage heating systems, these furnaces allow low burner output and low-speed fan operation, thereby saving a lot of energy.

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